Bright Idea: Laser Treatment for Sun Damage

January, 24 2017

sun damage

Remember when the goal of every summer was acquiring a “healthy tan”? As we know better now, all that sun exposure over the years wasn’t really healthy. In fact, it was actually damaging your skin, even if it took decades for the impact to surface.

The great news is that it’s possible to undo what sun and aging have done to your skin. Looking younger with a truly healthy glow is as close as your nearest Body Evolution location.

Gentle, comfortable laser treatments can help with fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins that can blemish your looks. We have the latest generation of IPL lasers to revitalize your skin.

Generally, our clients see major results within three to five treatments. We recommend follow-up maintenance treatments based on your individual skin type and needs. (For example, new spots almost always pop up after the summer, so you may want treatment in fall or winter.)

And speaking of winter, now is an excellent time to begin treating existing sun damage. There’s minimal sun exposure at this time of year, so you’re not susceptible to tanning. (You can’t undergo this procedure when skin is tan.)

So this new year, resolve to turn back the clock on aging, sun damaged skin for a brand new you. Schedule a consultation with us.

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