Patient Story | Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

October, 17 2016

Breast Cancer Reconstructive Survery

“Several years ago, when I got the devastating news that my breast cancer had come back, and I would need drastic surgery along with reconstruction, fear and uncertainty gripped my mind.  Where do you go?  What are the next steps?  One of the big answers to these questions was when I was recommended to go see Dr. Michael Morrissey at Body Evolution.

From the moment I made my appointment to talk about my reconstruction, to walking in the office, to meeting with Dr. Michael Morrissey and his staff, a wave of reassurance and comfort flooded over me.  Dr Morrissey and his staff have been nothing but upfront, honest, caring, and you know they truly mean that if you have any questions or concerns to come to them, they are definitely there for you and will help you with whatever journey you are going through for any type of reconstruction.

I can honestly say that through my several years of dealing with this practice, I would not go see anyone else.  There have been times when I have had questions, or needed an emergency office visit, and without a moment’s hesitation my questions were answered and an emergency appointment was granted to me.  Not only have Dr Morrissey and his staff shown me the utmost in care, compassion and professionalism, they are now considered to be family and I am so grateful!”

-Lisa D.

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