Laser Birthmark Removal: Is It Right for You?

January, 10 2017

birthmark removal

Skin lesions that are present at birth or appear soon after are generally referred to as “birthmarks.”

If you have a birthmark, you’re certainly not alone.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, almost everyone’s got them. (It’s estimated that nearly a third of people have them, of one kind or another.  In general, birthmarks tend to be red or brown in color and are caused by an overgrowth of either blood vessels (i.e., port wine stain or hemangioma) or pigment cells (i.e., café au lait).

Not that “lots of other people have one” is a comforting thought. The most important question to ask yourself when you look in the mirror is: Does my birthmark bother or embarrass me? If the answer is yes, then maybe laser birthmark removal is an option we should explore together.

Body Evolution utilizes two different modalities to treat the above conditions. The Cutera YAG-1064 is exceptional in treating vascular malformations. It works by heating the hemoglobin, which results in coagulation of the blood. Your body then reabsorbs the blood (following the same process as a bruise.)

The Invasix Lumecca IPL is ideal in treating pigmented spots. The heat produced by the filtered light breaks down the melanin into tiny particles, which ultimately surface as scabs. The scabs are then exfoliated away naturally over the following weeks, leaving you with greatly improved skin tone and texture.

It usually takes multiple sessions for clearance. Maintenance is typically required because anything vascular or melanin based tends to return over time with sun exposure. However, the treatments are relatively quick and don’t require a lot of discomfort or downtime.

Patients tell us the results, both emotional and physical, are worth it! Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more and find out if you are a candidate for laser therapy to treat birthmarks.

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