Laser Hair Removal for Teens and Pre-Teens

March, 16 2017

laser hair removal

Here at Body Evolution, parents often bring their teens or pre-teens to talk about laser hair removal for unwanted hair. Younger clients usually come to us because they are teased in school and such issues can be a big source of anxiety for them. Removing unwanted hair may lessen teenage anxiety and give your child’s self-confidence a boost.

There is no minimum age to start laser treatments, but typically we start treating at around age 14. Keep in mind that multiple treatments are required for effective hair removal. The biggest hurdle for the pre-teen and teenager are adolescent hormones that can affect the hair growth cycle. This may mean hair regrowth and additional treatments may be needed.

For pre-teens and teens (and their parents), this is a safe, cost-efficient solution to a very real problem. Let’s discuss if you and your child want to consider laser hair removal. We love seeing how much more confident our teen and pre-teen patients are after just one visit.

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