Patient Story | Feel Like Family Not a Patient

December, 21 2016


“I was referred to Dr. Michael Morrissey by a neighbor/friend. I had recently finished my cancer treatment and needed some reconstruction Surgery.

I was a bit apprehensive about having additional Surgery, and almost cancelled my appointment. After meeting and talking with Dr. Morrissey, I felt very comfortable with him and knew I was in good hands. He thoroughly explained what procedures needed to be done as well as recovery time.

His professional yet friendly and caring demeanor made me feel like family instead of a patient.
After undergoing the reconstruction and minor cosmetic surgery, I feel Dr. Morrissey is a perfectionist as well as an excellent surgeon. I would recommend him highly to anyone!

As a post-script; I’d like to share just how caring he is with his patients. After a recent post-operative check up he asked how I was doing. I shared with him my visit to an ENT about my sudden hearing loss and ongoing treatments. He was concerned and told me to let him know the outcome of my final visit. He then stopped by the waiting room to say hi to my husband, and told him to make sure I called to update him on the ENT visit. It is doctors like him that make you feel thankful to know them. Dr. Morrissey is a caring and wonderful doctor and in my book he’s #1.” – Faith D

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